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US Steel's Gary, Indiana plant employes 25,000 hoosiers, making it the second largest employer in the state.

dandi-finalHere are the company's thoughts on diversity and inclusion:

At U. S. Steel, our commitment to people began more than 110 years ago when Judge Elbert Gary, one of our founding fathers and our first chairman, established nine principles to guide the company's conduct for operating ethically, respectfully, fairly, and competitively.

Known as the Gary Principles, these time-tested beliefs define U. S. Steel - who we are and what we aspire to be - and they are as relevant to our success today, and for the next century, as they were at our founding.

U. S. Steel is committed to attracting, developing, and retaining a workforce of talented, diverse people - all working together in an environment where employees can excel and contribute to high-performance results for our company, shareholders, customers, and communities. We believe that to compete in today's marketplace, diversity and inclusion must be demonstrated in our company's practices and programs and through the tangible actions of our employees at all levels of the organization.

When we respect and value our differences and engage our employees around common goals, we create an environment that encourages employees to reach their fullest potential and contribute their best work.

Diversity is the "mix" of our different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. It focuses on our differences.

Inclusion is making the mix work to connect, communicate, and collaborate - all for the purpose of contributing to employee and business success.

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