Freedom To Work Calls for Veto, Ask Subaru America to Engage


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Monday the Indiana House passed Senate Bill 101, a so-called “religious freedom” bill. While purporting to be about religious freedom this legislation amounts to little more than a license to discriminate against LGBT Indianans, its explicit goal, stated by many proponents.

Today, attorney and longtime workers advocate Tico Almeida, President of Freedom to Work, joins other national leaders in calling upon Governor Mike Pence to veto this unnecessary and poorly drafted legislation.

“Indiana’s right-wing legislators are creating legal chaos,” said Almeida. “Employers freshly emboldened to fire or discriminate against LGBT workers and applicants should know this: under federal law these employees can file discrimination complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and seek redress in Indiana’s federal courts.

Freedom to Work urges Suburu America, which employs thousands of Indianans in their Lafayette plant, to stand up for their LGBT workers and join the call for the governor to veto this draconian bill.

Almeida says, "If Subaru will not to condemn Indiana’s anti-LGBT law creating a license to discriminate, they will lose standing with LGBT consumers and should lose their 90 percent score from the Human Rights Campaign.”



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