Disciples of Christ May Move 2017 Conference Over SB 101 “Religious Freedom” Law Via Indy Star: The Disciples of Christ has held its annual convention in Indianapolis three times since 1989. Adams expected up to 8,000 people to attend in 2017. The estimated economic impact would be about $5.9 million, according to VisitIndy.   Via […]


Oh my! George Takei on SB 101, via Facebook.  The Governor of Indiana has indicated that he will sign SB101—a law that allows businesses to discriminate against customers based on the proprietors’ religious beliefs. This bill is strikingly similar to one proposed—and vetoed due to public outcry—in Arizona. Such laws harken back to a time […]


Gaming Convention Tells Gov. Mike Pence to “rethink” his support for SB 101 Gaming Convention Gen Con has sent an open letter to Governor Mike Pence of Indiana over SB 101. The convention has enjoyed a decade of happy Hoosier hospitality claim to bringing 56,000 attendees from 50 states into Indianapolis infusing $50M into the […]

Subaru Indiana

Does Subaru USA Support or Oppose SB 101? A reader of Dan Savage’s puts this on the table. The plant, Subaru of Indiana is Lafayette, and employs about 2,500 people. Unsure about the assertion that all US Subarus are built there. According to Wikipedia, the current production is Toyota Camrys. It’s certainly worth asking Subaru […]


Human Rights Campaign calls on Gov. Mike Pence to Veto SB 101  HRC Blog: HRC To Indiana House and Governor Pence: Stop the Anti-LGBT, Anti-Business Bill Before It’s Too Late Excerpt: ”HRC also called on Governor Pence to veto the bill if it makes it to his desk. The so-called “Religious Freedom Restoration Act” allows people […]


Indiana corporations are now Churches too, say Lambda Legal

Via Press release:  Indiana House Passes Religious Discrimination Bill, SB 101: Lambda Legal Issues Alert to LGBT Community (Indianapolis, IN, March 23, 2015) – Today, the Indiana House of Representatives, with a vote of 63-31, passed a bill designed to allow private businesses, individuals and organizations to discriminate against anyone in Indiana on religious grounds. […]