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Position on SB 101: Opposed.


Pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly Corporation is headquartered in Indianapolis and has a reported staff of 7,500, making it the eighth largest employer in Indiana.

Excerpt from the Lilly's 2013, Corporate Responsibility report:

Our commitment to diversity empowers us to generate unique insights and ideas, create solutions, and deliver innovation to improve outcomes for individual patients. We invest in and nurture relationships with diverse groups of customers, partners, advocates, suppliers, and community organizations to help us better serve our patients. Lilly must have a diverse group of employees who understand the varying needs of the diverse people we serve.

Fostering a nondiscriminatory work environment and a culture of inclusion are key priorities for us. For Lilly employees, embracing diversity means understanding, respecting, and valuing differences, including but not limited to race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, work style, national origin, and age.

Within the state, Eli Lilly has an excellent reputation for living these principles and has on many occasions demonstrated their commitment to improving the lives of all Indianans. They have spoken out in opposition of SB 101.

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