Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital

Position on SB 101: Unknown.


Peyton Manning Children's Hospital is in Indianapolis  has a reported staff of 7,000 making it the ninth largest employer in Indiana. These jobs are accounted separately from St. Vincent's Hospital, which it is affiliated.

Excerpt from the hospital's Core Values page:

This core value affirms that we demonstrate a special commitment to serving those who are physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially poor and vulnerable. We bring this to life by giving of ourselves generously and without hesitation. The following examples show how we exemplify this on a daily basis:

• Reach out to those in need without hesitation or judgment
• Advocate for those whose voices need lifting 
• Put the needs of others before our own
• Empower others to help themselves
• Build relationships and collaborations for a common good 

Respect and compassion for the dignity and diversity of life

This core value affirms that each person has special value, unique talents and varied gifts. When we revere life, we act with deep respect and compassion for the dignity and diversity of life. The following behaviors and attitudes show how we attempt to do just that each and every day:

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