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I am writing you in reference to Indiana Senate Bill 101. This legislation is likely to pass the House on Monday and the Governor has indicated he will sign it into law. I am reaching out to Indiana's top employers and business leaders for an on the record statement about this proposed legislation.

Though proponents are framing the bill as an innocuous “religious freedom” bill, it is in fact a radical religious attack on basic tenants of fairness that define the American experience.

The dangerous idea that discrimination is ever justifiable flies in the face of all accepted best practices of business. The overwhelming majority of Fortune 500 companies have adopted exactly the opposite corporate policies, to ensure that fairness in the workplace is the standard. I trust these are the same corporate principles your organization has been built upon.

Condoning discrimination creates a dangerous precedent as well as stripping companies of their autonomy to define their own policies that are right for their own corporate culture. It also threatens legal chaos for employers.

Cameron Carter, vice president of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce’s economic development has said, “We believe if (SB 101) passes, it’s going to be a litigation nightmare. We believe Indiana doesn’t need this when there already is federal protection on the books.”

Other business leaders that have registered their opposition include engine maker Cummins, health-care provider Eskenazi Health, pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

We believe this is a legislative matter of great important. Because it is so controversial it's important the Governor hear from as many influential stakeholders as possible. I am reaching out to Indiana's top employers and business leaders. I am unable to find a record of your organization as having taken a position on this bill.

Have you considered this bill, and do you have a recommendation whether the Governor should sign or veto it?

I thank you for getting back to me promptly. I hope to hear from you by end of business on Monday.

Scott Wooledge
Veto SB 101 campaign

If you'd like to register your company's objections to SB 101, please feel free to contact our campaign here.

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