Why these businesses?

According to Infogroup research these ten companies are the top ten employers in Indiana, as measured by staff numbers. Collectively they employ more than 126,000 Indianans.

In other states, like Arizona, “Religious Freedom” bills such as SB 101 have been met with fierce resistance from the business community. Intel Corporation said on a very similar bill in Arizona last year:

"Intel values and welcomes diversity in the workplace. Arizona Senate Bill 1062 would legalize actions that directly conflict with Intel’s own non-discrimination policy. That policy was developed in order to create a welcoming business climate for our employees, suppliers and the global marketplace. We believe that SB 1062 would have a detrimental effect on the local business community by promoting discord and damaging Arizona’s status as a hospitable place to grow business and attract top talent."

Governor Jan Brewer, citing overwhelming opposition from Arizona business interests eventually vetoed that religious freedom bill saying she could see no reason for it.

Collectively these ten companies employ more than 126,000 Indianans. If indeed this bill will create hardships for their employees and for own their efforts to recruit top talent to move into the state, it is incumbent on them to speak up and to guard against any legislation that might hurt or handicap the economy of their home state.

These employers are particularly concerned with competing with other states to recruit the best and the brightest national talent. No university or medical corporation wants to settle for second best applicant, because their first choice went to a more—like neighboring Illinois. Delphi Electronic is competing on the world stage for the best scientific talent, as sure as is US Steel.

Discrimination against LGBT people in the area of health care is particularly concerning. The Federal Health and Human Services has been very aggressive about addressing this issue under the Obama administration. At moments of medical crisis, it especially important that LGBT people know their providers will stand up for a non-discriminatory environment.

Please note: In addition to reaching out for comment, the campaign did due diligence research via news articles, Freedom Indiana and other outlets to determine if these employers have spoken. If we have missed anything, please accept our apologies for the error, and alert us and we well be happy to update and correct this promptly. You can contact Veto SB 202 campaign here.

We are committed to keeping this account accurate, and also welcome any businesses that would like to register their own objections to SB 101.


Position? Employer City Employees
Unknown Indiana University Medical Center Bloomington 30,000
Unknown US Steel Gary 25,000
Unknown Purdue University W Lafayette West Lafayette 15,304
Unknown St Vincent Hospital Emergency Indianapolis 10,000
Unknown Parkview Regional Medical Center Fort Wayne 8,800
Unknown Delphi Electronics & Safety Kokomo 8,000
Unknown Indiana University-Bloomington Bloomington 7,701
OPPOSED Eli Lilly Corp Indianapolis 7,500
Unknown Peyton Manning Children's Hospital Indianapolis 7,000
Unknown Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis 6,800

Collectively these organizations employ more than 126,000 Indianans. Are these employers ready to endure "litigation nightmares?"